Friday, July 10, 2009

Dyer Book Cover

Not like the traditional cover for the supply issued green log book.
That cover typically has Velcro positioned on the front of the cover for
name, rank, and unit patch - although if requested I can make it that way.
Customize your cover with or without a calendar cover and
pen pocket attached to the front.

Dyer Book Cover with Custom Embroidery
Without Calendar $25
With Calendar $35

No Uniform needed, made from ACU fabric.

Personalize your cover with an embroidered design on the back which is
included in the price and will not be an additional charge.

Story behind Dyer Book Cover: A friend of mine who is a Chaplain's Assistant requested I make a notebook cover. She asked if I could add a calendar cover to the front with a snap closure because she's never seen one like that and it would help keep everything together. This book cover is what I came up with.

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