Friday, July 10, 2009

ACU Key Fob

These are some samples of some of the available ACU Key Fobs.

Embroidered/Personalized ACU Key Fob $15

Name Tape Key Fob, can be done in any color and with any saying

Camo Heart and Missing My Soldier Fob

Army Wife, Stronger than Army Strong

Army Wife on one side, last name on the other

Blue Star Flag for those whose Soldier is currently deployed

Branch Key Fob, email me to see if I have your branch.

I Heart My Soldier can be done in any color!

Story Behind ACU Key Fobs: These were created for two reasons, I needed something bigger so I would not keep losing my keys! Also we needed a fund raiser idea to raise funds for our FRG, so we could throw a huge welcome home party!
I really got into making these and came up with a ton of different ideas.
I love my Key Fobs, and they quickly became my best seller!

If you have any special requests just send me a message
and we will personalize something just for you!

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