Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nina Tote

The Nina Tote is my smallest bag
and it can be very personalized.
Tote Measures 13x11x5

Front has two name tapes and can be in any color,
as well as Velco for rank or a unit patch

Sides of Tote has two pockets as well as a flag

 Back of tote has a long pocket and can have added embroidery or patches.

 Inside of tote has two pockets, and can be made with any fabric you choose.

Story of the Nina Tote
The Nina was made for a very close friend of mine.  She wanted a a small tote to surprise a friend with.  I created this tote and made it in a few hours just in time for the birthday party!   I love this tote and love the function and size of it!   

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ulisses Adult Back Pack

This Back Pack is normal Adult size
Perfect for hiking, traveling, or a diaper bag
$95 with embroidery on flap and sides
$120 With embroidery on sides and flap with 
all in one changing pad and diaper clutch
an extra $15 for a retired uniform

Back Pack has chest pocket on sides, 
and has the option to have side bottle pockets that can be embroidered.

Designs can be anything from MOS, Units, Cars,
Butterflies, Flag, Stars, anything you can imagine!

Under front flap is a small pocket from the bottom pants leg
Bag has a draw string closure

 Straps are completely adjustable with metal sliders, are sewn in, and are very strong.

Metal D rings on bottom of bag making adjusting straps very easy.

Other side of bag has US Army tape sewn on

Inside of bag has outside Sleeve pockets and the two large pants pockets, 4 total!

Story of how the Ulisses Back Pack was created:   I had a Husband that recently returned from Iraq call me sounding very desperate to have a bag made quickly for his wife.  His wife had asked since he returned for a bag for his unborn son, and he told her no way.  He finally gave in but kept it a secret, he wanted to surprise her with the Back Pack for her shower gift.  He came over picked all the designs, layout, and size of the bag.  He was very excited to surprise his wife with a one of a kind bag, and was just as excited that he made a bag he would love to carry around as well.  I love how this bag turned out, and would love to recreate it with your design choices to make it a one of a kind for you!  

Gianna Diaper Bag

Medium Size Tote with 
Changing Pad and Diaper Clutch all in one included
11  x 6 x 13
$105 if uniform provided
extra $15 for a retired uniform
Custom Embroidery included on the front Sides and Back
Many Designs and Colors to Choose From
Side Bottle Pockets with Elastic lined with coordinating fabric

Back of bag has a huge pocket lined and embroidered
Embroidered back pocket

Lined Back Pocket

Matching changing pad and diaper and wipe clutch all in one

Large Changing pad with choice of fabric
Attached Pocket for Wipes and Diapers

Snap Closure on Changing Pad

Story Behind Gianna Diaper Bag:   This bag was made for a dear friend of mine to give as a gift. She wanted it to be girly, purple and have butterflies all over it.  I added in the purple Hawaiian print fabric and this has become one of my favorite bags ever.  We created the perfect diaper bag that had all the necessary pockets and accessories.  This bag is the most convenient diaper bag, with lots of pockets, changing pad and diaper clutch in one, and custom embroidery this is a bag that can never look the same.  Any design can be added to the bag to make it for a girl or a boy. You can pick any coordinating fabric in any color, and  I have 1000's of designs and would love to design this diaper bag just for you.  

Optional Embroidery Designs

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hether Tote

Medium Size Tote
11  x 6 x 13
$65 if uniform provided
extra $15 for a retired uniform

Large back pocket
Can ad any patches requested

Or any embroidery design

Flag patch included

four pockets on the inside

Story behind Heather Tote:  This tote is my original design, this is how my business got started!  When my husband returned from Korea I wanted to make a bag out of his uniform that he wore while over there, and the Heather Tote was created!  Since then I have added and tweaked this tote for special requests.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ACU Apron

Children's $30
Adult $40

Custom Embroidery with Name or Saying of choice

Front Pockets

Adjustable neck length

Tie back closure

Story behind Addison ACU Apron

My son Addison needed an apron for school this year, so of course I was going to make one! I was going to buy special fabric, the I though ACU is durable, cleans well, and what little boy would not want and apron out of ACU fabric! He loves his apron, and I really like how it turned out!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Nathanael Back Pack

Children's Back Pack

9 x 7 x 11

$45 No uniform needed
Made from ACU fabric and 2 pockets from ACU uniform

Flag and Star Embroidery Included

Name can be Embroidered anywhere on the Back Pack

Perfect for overnight trips, school, or going around town.

Side pockets from ACU uniform

Cushion straps, drawstring closure with metal snap, and two inside pockets.

Story Behind Nathanael Back Pack:
This was made for my son. He had a back pack that was very dirty so I tossed it in the wash, and it completely fell apart. So I decided to make him his own Back Pack. He loves this little Back Pack, he wears it everywhere, and he marches around the house exclaiming that this is his Soldier Back Pack. My son feels just like his daddy, a Big Strong Soldier, when wearing his back pack.

Danielle Beach Bag

Huge Beach Tote!
19 x 9 x 17
$80 No uniform Required
Made from ACU Fabric

Six Pockets on the outside

Three Pockets on the Inside

Strong handles sewn all the way around the bag.

Tons of room for all beach gear, sunscreen, towels, snorkel gear and snacks.
Custom Embroidery included
Made from ACU fabric

Story behind the Danielle Beach Tote:
Danielle wanted a way to show her Husband's Military Career and her own. She also lived in Hawaii and wanted a tote that would fit everything she needed to take to the beach! This tote was designed to keep all beach gear organized, and all of it to fit in one bag! Danielle loves her beach tote and takes it everywhere she goes in Hawaii!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Allison ACU Tote

The Allison Tote is made from a ACU top and bottom. Either one of your own or one I can supply. Each tote is custom made and no tote is the same. Colors, names, and sayings can all be selected. Custom embroidery can also be added.

Size 10 1/2 X 7 1/2 X 14 1/2

$60 with your own personal uniform mailed to me
Extra $15 if I supply a Retired Uniform

Front of Bag Made from the ACU Top

Inside of bag made from the ACU Pants

Custom Name Tapes

Any and all patches can be included

Story behind the Allison Tote: This tote was made for my Husband's Commander's wife. This tote was finished just before her husband came home from being deployed in Iraq, and now she can proudly display her husband's military career. Every patch he has had is on the bag! It has quickly become my best seller due to it being the perfect size, and having the look of a uniform.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Crystal Tote

Back of Crystal Tote Divided long Pocket, and a small pocket
(Embroidery Design is Extra)

$65 with your personal Uniform
$15 extra with a Retired Uniform

Front of Tote with Custom Embroidery Included

Side of tote. One side has a chest pocket the other side has a sleeve pocket

Inside of tote has the two large pants pockets and the two smaller pants pockets

Story Behind the Crystal Tote: This bag was designed for a dear friend of mine. She is a Chaplain's Assistant and needed a Tote large enough to carry her files, books, and maybe sometimes lunch. I was so excited to give her her bag, and I hope she will love it for a longtime. Another side note about this bag, My friend's husband is also a Chaplain's Assistant, and this bag was made from both of their uniforms!