Monday, August 10, 2009

Danielle Beach Bag

Huge Beach Tote!
19 x 9 x 17
$80 No uniform Required
Made from ACU Fabric

Six Pockets on the outside

Three Pockets on the Inside

Strong handles sewn all the way around the bag.

Tons of room for all beach gear, sunscreen, towels, snorkel gear and snacks.
Custom Embroidery included
Made from ACU fabric

Story behind the Danielle Beach Tote:
Danielle wanted a way to show her Husband's Military Career and her own. She also lived in Hawaii and wanted a tote that would fit everything she needed to take to the beach! This tote was designed to keep all beach gear organized, and all of it to fit in one bag! Danielle loves her beach tote and takes it everywhere she goes in Hawaii!!

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