Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nina Tote

The Nina Tote is my smallest bag
and it can be very personalized.
Tote Measures 13x11x5

Front has two name tapes and can be in any color,
as well as Velco for rank or a unit patch

Sides of Tote has two pockets as well as a flag

 Back of tote has a long pocket and can have added embroidery or patches.

 Inside of tote has two pockets, and can be made with any fabric you choose.

Story of the Nina Tote
The Nina was made for a very close friend of mine.  She wanted a a small tote to surprise a friend with.  I created this tote and made it in a few hours just in time for the birthday party!   I love this tote and love the function and size of it!   

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