Friday, July 10, 2009

Lia Tote

The Lia bag is HUGE! It is designed to look just like a uniform! The front is made from the front of the jacket, the sides are the two side pockets from the sleeves, and the back has a nice long pocket. The inside of the bag has the two large pants pockets, one of the smaller pants pockets and the pen holder from the jacket. Name tapes and Embroidery will cost extra.

Cost $65 with your Personal Uniform
An extra $15 for a Retired Uniform

Large back pocket with a smaller pocket perfect to old keys or a cell phone.

Front of bag with the two front jacket pockets.

Inside pen pocket

Side Sleeve pocket

This bag has two Custom Name Tapes, you can supply your own or pay extra and choose what you want them to say as well as what color.

Story Behind the Lia Tote: This bag was designed for a mother having her first baby while her husband was deployed. The hope was for this bag to remind her of her husband while he was away. I love how this bag turned out, and knowing it was made from a uniform worn by a Soldier while he was deployed makes it even more special!

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